another_hacker (another_hacker) wrote in bookofroot,

Fear your new evil overlord

Greetings all, this is LinuxGuy Dom (tm).

You'd think being an antisocial, computer-loving, breakdance-wannabe type of person is all about teh sucking.

Yet.. Being a crazed techno geek does come with its perks - for example, being able to hold a webcomic hostage because you are the admin of the server upon which it runs :)

My shadow casts.. ANOTHER SHADOW.. a SHADOW of EVIL over the book of root. FEAR YOUR NEW EVIL OVERLORD and his MIGHTY SHADOW (which is also evil.)

You can begin to grasp the amazing depth and DARKNESS of my SHADOW OF EVIL in LinuxGuy Dom: Issue #1, now up on the site.

The Book of root will never be the same again.
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