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Major Site Updates

I am pleased to report that the site transition to is now completed. I wanted to let everyone know that they can safely update their bookmarks and stuff. Also, Ash and I cleaned up the site a bit more, and I tweaked out a few technical things on the server.

For starters, the RSS feeds are now accessible for the site off the main page. To get the RSS feed for the comic/news, use, and to get the RSS feed for the community livejournal site, use If you are in firefox, you'll now notice the little orange RSS box comes up in the bottom right corner of your browser. Clicking it will allow you to live bookmark the site, so you can check for changes without actually visiting the site. Nifty hm?

I also wanted to plug the software which runs the site - iStrip, which is open source (free). This comic updater system is quite nice and I highly recommend it. Also, it uses a nice templating system which allows us to customize the site's layout and function easily. Kudos to Gordon McVey for writing it.

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