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Episode 1: The Holiday Spirit

So! The first real episodes of The Book of Root are finally here. I'm sure you're all so excited. I know I am. Seriously, though. You have no idea how many high-pitched "squee"-like noises I was making once I finished them.

I've not updated this before, as there has been much work done on the site.. I wanted it to be pretty before people view the comics. Unfortunately, I've still yet to fix the way it displays in Internet Explorer.. but anyone who appreciates this comic shouldn't be using that. ^^ Most of the site is thoroughly outdated, but I'll fix that posthaste. I just need to be back to Kioku, as she has all my images, including the updated site logo.

I haven't actually posted the second comic yet, but fear not; it shall be available to my adoring public soon enough.

In a nutshell: go here.

Edit: real permalink to the strip here.
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